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Printing Plate for PW-2, PW-3 and PW-DIY

Product Price


Printing Plate for PW-2 and PW-DIY  price $1.25/cm2
e.g. H (2.3) x L (8.5) = 19.55cm2 @ $1.25/cm2 = $24.44

>> Click here to view the printing plate print area

The shorter the print length, the longer the repeat gap.

IMPORTANT steps follow;

  1. In order to produce the printing plate, we require artwork in PDF or VECTOR file
  2. We will create the plate with your content and send it back to you for approval.
  3. Upon receipt of your approval, we will cut the plate and will mount it onto the printwheel. .
  • The printing plate and wheel are included with the purchase of the PrintWiz mobile tape printer sealer applicators.
  • The printwheel and printing plates can be ordered separately if required.

Quote for freight will be submitted with quote


>> Download the Printing plate print area for PW2


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